What is Women’s Fund El Dorado and what purpose does it serve in our community? 

Women’s Fund El Dorado (WFED) is a collective giving organization created in 2007. Through a simple grant-making process, the annual proceeds from WFED membership provide financial support to nonprofits that address pressing issues facing the communities of the western slope of El Dorado County.

Does WFED focus on women’s issues only? 

No. Grants are available to any nonprofit serving a community need. 

How is WFED different from other local women’s groups (e.g. Soroptimists, AAUW, etc.)? 

We are a granting organization, not a service organization. All of these organizations, including WFED, focus on bringing women together for charitable purposes.

Who can become a member of WFED? 

Anyone, including children and men, can become a member of WFED. Each member receives one vote in the grant-making balloting.

Is it possible to sponsor other members? 

WFED encourages its members to sponsor their children, grandchildren, other family members, friends, employees, and peers.  One of our goals is to develop new generations of philanthropists.

How does WFED select which programs to fund? 

Each member receives one vote on our grant making ballot. After the Request for Proposals are returned and reviewed by the Grants Committee, members receive a ballot  and vote on which grants to fund. The member-selected grants are announced in May and awarded each June at our annual Grants Award Gala.

What portion of the membership donation goes to the actual grants? 

Financially prudent management of funds is a strong tenet of our organization. After allotting only 1.5% to operating expenses, we commit 98.5% of our funding to grants and the Women’s Fund endowment fund.

What is the WFED endowment fund? 

Money in our endowment fund is invested to build a reserve and create long term financial stability. Only the interest or dividends earned from the endowment fund can be spent on grants. 

How much time will my membership in WFED involve? 

Members choose their level of involvement:
Do a little: Vote twice a year.
Do a little more: Attend our events.
Do even more: Join a committee or volunteer. 

How can I get more involved? 

Most of the work of WFED is accomplished by our members. For more information on our volunteer opportunities, please check the volunteer box on the membership form or see the Volunteer section on our website.