Membership Levels

There are two basic levels of membership:

Pioneer Membership
Pioneer members commit to a minimum annual contribution of $1,000:

80% is invested in the WFED Endowment Fund*.
20% goes toward the annual Grant Fund.

Keyholder Membership
Keyholder members commit to a minimum annual contribution of $200:

10% is invested in the WFED Endowment Fund*.
90% goes toward the annual Grant Fund.

*After a 1.5% operating deduction, the balance is allocated as shown above.

*The WFED Endowment Fund builds a reserve for the financial bedrock of the organization. WFED has entrusted the El Dorado Community Foundation with overseeing its endowment fund and investing the money appropriately to diversify income, reduce dependency and ensure the organization will endure over time. Each September 30th the WFED Cabinet has the option to transfer 5% of the prior year’s Endowment Fund balance to the Expendable Fund for granting or direct support of community services projects, cabinets or organizations. To date, no funds have been transferred.

Sponsorship and Supporter Options

Financially prudent management of our funds is a strong tenet of Women's Fund El Dorado. To this end, we allow only 1.5% of membership donations go to the El Dorado Community Foundation for their fiscal oversight with the balance going to the year's grants or the Endowment Fund. All other funds come from our generous supporters and sponsors. These tax-deductible donations keep our event tickets affordable to all, print and mail the annual report, allow us to have a part-time coordinator and recruit new members. If you would like more information about our sponsorship and supporter levels, please feel free to email us,  

Legacy Giving 

Want to explore giving options?  You can remember the Women’s Fund El Dorado with a bequest in your will as a recipient of a cash gift, or a percentage of your estate. You may also designate the Women's Fund El Dorado as beneficiary of a charitable trust, life insurance policy, or IRA.

Women’s Fund El Dorado is a group fund of the El Dorado Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to Women’s Fund El Dorado are tax deductible. For more information, please click here.