WFED Cabinet 

The Women's Fund El Dorado Cabinet provides management and oversight of the Fund. Meeting monthly, this group of women ensure that WFED delivers in our mission of enhancing the quality of life on the western slope of El Dorado County. 

WFED operates under the direction of the following policies and procedures:

2018 Policies
2018 Procedures, Roles and Responsibilities

 2017 WFED Cabinet

2017 WFED Cabinet

 2016 WFED Cabinet

2016 WFED Cabinet

 2015 WFED Cabinet

2015 WFED Cabinet

Robyn Parker, Chair
Dickson Schwarzbach, Vice Chair
Cathy Bean, Past Chair
Cindy Brazelton, Secretary
Francie Heim, Treasurer
Amy Andersen, Education Co-Chair
Diane Child, Events
Cathy Harris, Membership Co-Chair
Coleen Johnson, Education Co-Chair
Vera Nicholas, Archivist
Katy Peek, Founder
Amarik Singh, Membership Co-Chair
Claudia Taylor, Site Visit
Julie Willson, Marketing
Kathy Witherow, Grants

2018 Committees 

See Committee Descriptions

Interested in getting more involved with WFED? Please consider joining a committee. New committee members join November 1 each year unless there is a mid-year opening. Please email Dickson Schwartzbach for additional details,

Education Committee

Amy Andersen, Co-Chair
Coleen Johnson, Co-Chair
Kathleen Hall
Sandra McShan
Raelene Nunn
Mary Turcotte Richardson

Events Committee

Diane Child, Chair
Cindy Brazelton
Kelli Hunter
Judie Stewart
Diane White
Mary Zaun

Finance Committee

Francie Heim, Chair
Sakina Madraswala, EDCF Accountant
Cathy Bean
Robyn Parker
Dickson Schwarzbach

Grants Committee

Kathy Witherow, Chair
Shannon Bezak
Cheryl Brown
Ann Curtis
Joy Fausel
Tamara Johnston
Lori Veerkamp

Site-Visit committee

Claudia Taylor, Chair
Paula Grady
Jamie Hartshorn
Martha Hom
Avis Jolly
Carolyn Mansfield
Helen Walsh

Marketing & Communications Committee

Julie Willson, Chair
Cathy Harris, Liaison, Membership Committee
Cassie Bigelow
Barbara Bills
Amy Pooley
Chaz Smith

Membership Committee

Amarik Singh, Co-Chair
Cathy Harris, Co-Chair
Barbara Petersen
Debbie Pottenburgh
Cindy Skelton-Hodge
Blue Tierney

Lighthouse Committee

Lynnee Boyes, Chair
Allison Jilbert
Terry Kohlhardt
Jamie McClone
Katy Peek
Kathy Witherow, Liaison, Grants Committee


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Cabinet Documents