2010 Grants, Focus Area: BASIC NEEDS

New Morning Youth and Family Services

New Morning shelter program targets youth, ages 6-17, from our community who voluntarily or involuntarily are no longer residing at their legal places of residence. This is an expansive group with diverse and complicated histories and needs, ranging from living in homes where drug and alcohol abuse is rampant, child abuse and neglect are common, and domestic violence is frequent. El Dorado County law enforcement logged 340 runaways in 2008 and estimates that they are another 400-750 runaway and throwaway youth unreported each year.

The grant request would support the shelter’s operation budget for 2010-2011 providing services to six youth at a time. The core services provided youth are safe shelter, nutritional meals, recreation opportunities, structured study times, educational support and case management. New Morning will provide a minimum of services with this grant to 125 youth including food, shelter, clothing, access to medical care, crisis counseling, educational support and recreation to address the youths’ full developmental needs. New Morning has provided services since 1970.

CASA El Dorado

Through the successful award of $10,000, CASA will match an additional nine youths with an advocate for the entire fiscal year 2010/2010 beginning July 1, 2010. The investment to match a youth with an advocate for an entire year is $1,052. Referrals to this program come in a variety of ways: Child Protective Services, schools, health care providers and members of the community at large. Between 550 to 650 children/youth are in the Child Welfare System at any given time.

A significant goal of CASA El Dorado is to serve 100% of the children and youth residing in the system. In 2009, 232 volunteer advocates provided service to 439 children and youth. The overall expectation of this program is to provide a child with the assurance that someone sincerely has his/her best interests at heart. CASA El Dorado has served the community since 1992.

Upper Room

The Upper Room is an organization whose mission is to provide hot meals and companionship to all those in need: the poor, the homeless, the lonely, families and seniors. The Upper Room is wholly coordinated and staffed by trained volunteers. The Upper Room serves all persons in need of a meal without regard to residence, location or status. The client base resides primarily within El Dorado County in and around Placerville. The Upper Room currently serves in excess of 3,500 meals a month. During 2009, the Upper Room served over 47,000 meals including in house servings and box lunches. It is projected that the need will increase to more than 50,000 meals for the calendar year, 2010.

The purposed funding would help to provide for the day to day operation of the Upper Room, help with transportation costs (bus passes) for clients remotely located, help in subsidizing food cost, utilities, supplies and all incidentals required for the operation of the facility. The Upper Room began feeding the homeless and hungry in 1995.

Impact Grants

Family Connections

Program is to enhance a summer education program for 60-80 students who participate in a school-based youth mentoring and teen-based pregnancy prevention program. Teens often have little or no access to summer activities and often have large segments of unsupervised time. The implementation of this program will provide them with activities that will enrich their academic and social experience including cultural/art activities, environmental education programs, equine-guided education and youth development experiences.

Golden Sierra High School

The proposal is to support the first all-girls team ever to participate in the 24 year history of the Sacramento Builders Exchange Design Build Competition. Program is designed to teach girls the skills necessary to be successful in competition, construction and leadership. The girls have been involved in work days and work weekends in preparation for the competition. The grant money will be used to pay for the entry fee, tools, materials, lumber, and the overall cost for entering the competition.

Placerville Union School District

Program is to support a Para Educator who provides academic support to middle school teens who are designated as homeless. Funds from this grant will be used to better monitor students so that staff knows not only what basic needs they have but also how those needs can be met first and still allow for staff time to attend to their academic needs. By providing staff resources to these homeless teens, their needs can be better monitored and will result in greater classroom learning.